What You Will Learn

  • How to balance our life through balancing our meal
  • What is inside food we eat and where all these calories come from
  • Why we need carbs and fat, not just protein
  • How to eat carbs and not gaining weight
  • If fat good for us
  • Natural vitamins & minerals vs. supplements,
  • How often we should eat and when
  • Is there a way to speed up metabolism
  • Strategic food shopping, cooking and storing
  • How to have fun reading food labels
  • What to drink to stay hydrated
  • Why diet is a direct way to skinny fat
  • Differentiate & Control your emotional and physical hunger
  • You will know all common nutrition ‘myths’ and what stands behind popular diets.

Your Takeaways


  • Absolute confidence in an endless world of nutritional information
  • Concious food choices
  • Food shopping, cooking and storing strategies


  • Balanced approach to eating
  • Smart eating in abundance for healthy gut

No Diets

  • Ability to eat what you want in a smart way (chocolate included)
  • Check list of good nutritional habits


  • Easy to follow recipies from local ingredients
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