Discover and overcome subconscious blocks that undermine your success


What You Will Learn

  • Why relationships with food are so complicated and contaminated?
  • How to eat healthy and guilt-free and truly nourish your body
  • Why setting goals works and how to set healthy goals and stay motivated to achieve them
  • What are your subconscious inner drivers that boost your motivation and make you stay committed?
  • Discover and overcome subconscious blocks that undermine your success
  • How to turn your weaknesses into strengths and overcome self-sabotage
  • How to talk to your body and subconscious mind and hear it talking back
  • Healing your body with the power of subconscious and unconscious minds
  • Many cool techniques to work with your subconscious mind and achieve the life your want

Your Takeaways

Winner Mindset

  • Manifest your health goals, prioritise yourself, be the example you want to be for your loved ones
  • Overcome your limiting believes


  • Powerful mantra of ¬†healthy eating: 4 keys to reprogram your brain
  • Know your body signals: real vs head hunger, when you are full, emotional needs and how to satisfy them

Habit Control

  • Swap bad habits into good habits, you are in control
  • Stop negativity and toxic thoughts
  • Automatic behaviours that help you with your goals¬†

Mindset Toolbox

  • Practice self hypnosis to control and conquer your goals, reset metabolism and achieve inner calm state
  • Healing guided meditations: cellular repair, augmented mindfulness, stop negative thoughts, habit control, emotional eating and cravings, transform limiting beliefs, build confidence and self worth, motivation
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