Fitness during pregnancy and ‘after baby’ may be significantly different to a standard training sessions offered in the gyms. 

That is why understanding the postpartum body and how it functions is absolutely vital for injury-free training sessions. 

Module ‘Movement’ is here to save your time & money and to answer all your questions regarding physical activity. 

We will go through an art of movement covering different aspects of training session and what you need to know about training postpartum.

What You Will Learn

  • How does movement affects our brain, behaviour and mind?
  • How to structure your training session?
  • Why body weight may go up when we start training?
  • What do we need to know about training postpartum?
  • How often should we exercise?
  • Should women lift weights? 
  • Belly after baby – Why I have this mummy’s pouch and is there an alternative to a tummy-tuck surgery? 
  • Do Kegels still work or is there a better alternative? 
  • Peeing on laughing or sneezing – is it normal for a postpartum mum?

Your Takeaways

Safe Training

  • Awareness of pregnancy & postpartum body changes and how it has to be reflected in your training and lifestyle
  • Understanding component of training session


  • More energy through regular training and healthy eating

Healthy Spine

  • Strategies for a good posture & healthy spine
  • Baby carrier – Safe practices 
  • Understand your body mechanics in daily life activities: breastfeeding, lifting a baby, carrying a toddler, bathing a baby, shopping, training

Pelvic Floor Rehab

  • Post baby essentials 
  • Core restore exersices
  • Advice on diastasis
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